Newborn Portraits

baby picture frameNewborn portraits are important have in order to preserve this quickly changing phase of your baby’s life.  It is understandable that you are busy and tired with your new little one’s arrival.  But I urge you not to let this time go by without capturing it in print.

Many professional photographers and portrait companies understand the special needs of a new Mom and her family.  To accommodate you they will arrange to take the photos in your home at a time that is convenient for you.

The benefits of this method are great. After the photo session, your photographer or the office staff will arrange for a follow up appointment. At this time you can view the photo proofs and choose which package suits you best. You can even buy baby picture frames straight from their company. This will enable you to have a truly complete package. The picture frames will accommodate the specific sizes of the images you order. What makes this special is being able to have a grouping put together in the same frame.

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Imagine being able to let your sweet newborn sleep until it is time for the picture to be taken. They will be refreshed, comfortable, and happy. Gone are the days of having to bundle up the baby and drive them to a mall for the generic portrait session. Now you can avoid exposing your baby to the hassle and germs that comes along with a trip to the mall.

Our goal here at is to encourage you to take both formal and casual photos of your newborn often. Don’t miss the many milestones you are sure to witness over the next few weeks, months, and year. There will never be a time in your child’s life that they will grow and change as much as they do this first year.

Keep a camera handy. Many digital cameras today have a built in video camera setting. This can be handy and I encourage you to use it.

Your own photos are very important, but so are the formal portraits. Take them often this first year, and on a regular basis thereafter. It is a good idea to take individual portraits as well as group and whole family portraits. Combine your pictures with the professional portraits and create a record of your child that will stay with you into the future.

Before you know it your child will be off to college; the newborn portraits you take now will be a memory to last a lifetime.

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